Mar 12, 2014

Java User Group Meeting: Thursday, March 20th, @ 6:30 PM

The next meeting of the Memphis Java User Group will be held Thursday, March 20th @ 6:30 PMPlease RSVP at:

Our speaker this month is Kevin Berisso, Ph.D., presenting on AutoID (QR, NFC, RFID, etc).
Join us for a discussion of how to ensure success with your automatic identification based solution/promotion/campaign. Focusing on QR Codes and NFC, this discussion will explain how the technology works, will discuss some of the common pitfalls that crop up when using AutoID and will wrap up with some examples and tools that can be used to help ensure your next AutoID based project is a success.
Kevin received his Ph.D. in Technology Management from Indiana State University. He taught at the University of Central Missouri and Ohio University before coming to the University of Memphis. Kevin has over 15 years of experience in the AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) industry, starting as a project engineer at a custom warehouse management software company. He is an active member of the AIM Global Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) and the AIM Internet of Things committee, and he participates in the GS1 BCID Technical Group. He received the 2012 Ted Williams Award from AIM Global and in 2013 and was inducted into the AIDC 100.

If you would like to present a short lightning talk (about 5-15 minutes) we still have availability. Contact us on TwitterMeetup, or the Mailing List.

Meeting Location:
Fulton Auditorium
Southwest Tennessee Community College
5983 Macon Cove
Memphis, TN 38134.
From I-40, exit at Sycamore View Road. Turn right at Macon road, then continue to the campus entrance. Take a left at the next road, then turn right.