Jan 13, 2014

Java User Group Meeting: Thursday, January 16th @ 6:30 PM

The next meeting of the Memphis Java User Group will be held January 16th, Thursday at 6:30 pmPlease RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/memphis-technology-user-groups/events/156137362/

Our talk series this month is The Gift of Code lead by Joel Neely.

About the talk:

In this talk series we will compare multiple solutions to the following problem, using different languages and programming paradigms. Participants are encouraged to bring their own solutions to present and compare.

A group of families are having a holiday party. Each person will be someone's "secret Santa" and will get a small gift for his/her recipient. They agree on two rules:
  1. For fairness, the families want to ensure that each person will give exactly one gift, and will receive exactly one gift.
  2. To prevent collusion or nepotism, they also decide that each person must give to someone in a different family.
Simply putting all the names in a hat and each person drawing one name could satisfy rule 1, but that process has a risk of violating rule 2. So they ask you to write a program to create the secret Santa assignments.


A text file containing the players' names, one per line. For simplicity, assume only first and last names are present (separated by white space), and assume that last names are unique across families (i.e. two people with the same last name are in the same family).


The list of assignments, giver's name first, then recipient's name. For simplicity, don't worry about how they will keep the assignments secret (e.g. automatically emailing each giver her/his recipient's name, or whatever, is outside the scope of the exercise).
About our speaker:
Joel Neely has been programming since 1968, and has been involved in computing in higher education and industry ever since. As a survivor of Modular Programming, Structured Programming, Fifth-Generation Programming, and Object-Oriented Programming, he is watching the gradual mainstreaming of Functional Programming and multi-language development with a sense of deja vu. He currently works in application architecture and development at a Fortune 100 company.

Again, feel free to prepare your own solution in the language/paradigm/framework of your choice and share it with the group in a 10-15 minute presentation.

We will also feature a lightning talk by Andrew McCracken on Voxel Graphics using Unity IDE. Andrew teaches Computer Science courses at the University of Memphis and is a Senior Programmer/Analyst at FedEx.

We are meeting in the Fulton Auditorium at Southwest Tennessee Community College, 5983 Macon Cove Memphis, TN 38134. From I-40, exit at Sycamore View Road. Turn right at Macon road, then continue to the campus entrance. Take a left at the next road, then turn right.