Apr 16, 2013

Java User Group Meeting: Thursday, April 18th @ 6:30 PM

The next meeting of the Memphis Java User Group will be held *this week* Thursday at 6:30 pm.

** Note we are meeting at 6:30 pm, not 6 pm. **

Please RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/memphis-technology-user-groups/events/95604092/

Our main talk this month is "Object-Oriented JavaScript" by Jordan Kasper. 

The Speaker

Shortly after it arrived at his home in 1993, Jordan began disassembling his first computer... his mother was not happy. He quickly moved from hardware into programming, creating simple games on his i386 and, soon, various TI calculators. In 1997 he began working on his first web sites, they were crude and ugly. His focus has been on building better, cleaner web applications ever since.

Jordan has worked for companies large and small, including startups and a large university; he is also a contributor on a number of open source projects and regularly participates in community events. Teaching and speaking is a way of life for Jordan, and he loves evangelizing the good technology and traits he has found over the years. His primary technologies are PHP and JavaScript (and all of the supporting technologies around them). In his down time he enjoys puzzles of all sorts and board games.

The Talk

JavaScript gets a bad rap for not being a "full" programming language, but with the introduction of frameworks like Node, Backbone, and others, people are starting to realize how powerful this tool can be. It's time to give JavaScript the attention it deserves and you can start your re-education by accepting that while JavaScript may exhibit the characteristics of a functional language, it really is a multi-paradigm language with strong support for Object-Oriented Programming.

This talk will give attendees a crash course in Object-Oriented JavaScript programming covering topics ranging from simple constructors to prototypical inheritance. We'll talk about public and private methods and properties as well as how to use objects in your code and avoid common issues. Lastly, we'll cover how to avoid having to remember all the ins and outs of OOP in JS by using one of many frameworks that abstract this away for you.

We still have slots available for lightning talks. If you'd like to give 5 minute presentation on a development topic or project let us know.

We are meeting at Southwest Tennessee Community College, 5983 Macon Cove Memphis, TN 38134. From I-40, exit at Sycamore View Road. Turn right at Macon road, then continue to the campus entrance. Take a left at the next road, then turn right.

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We will be meeting in the Fulton Auditorium.  The Fulton building is the first building you will pass on your right once you are on campus.  The auditorium will be on the west side of the building.

Please tell anyone at your company or school who might be interested!