Dec 1, 2012

2013 Call for Speakers

The Memphis Java User Group is compiling a meeting schedule for 2013. We will again be meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month, January through October, as well as an off schedule meeting in November.

Your software development talk should be on that schedule.

* How do I reserve a slot?

Leave a comment on this post on, talk to us on Twitter with @memphisjug, or send an email via our Google group.

* Why should I give a talk?

Because you're awesome. Also to...

Give back to the community,
Practice public speaking,
Share lessons learned with peers,
Promote a technology,

and maybe the most important, learn. You will learn a lot about a topic by preparing and giving a talk on it.

* I don't have a talk prepared, or I don't know what to talk about.

You have months to decide and prepare. By committing to a date now, you'll help the group prepare the 2013 schedule. You can choose a topic and prepare a talk between now and the day of your talk.

I'm worried my topic won't interest the group, or I'm afraid I won't find a topic.

Tell us about your projects at work or at home.
Tell us about a blog post you read or wrote.
Tell us about a technology you've used or just discovered.

The group is interested in any topic that relates to software development. If your topic makes more sense at the Memphis PHP, Python, or .NET user group however, please contact the corresponding group.

We do have a few specific topics requested by members including:

Development war stories, how you encountered and dealt with an issue
Software projects written in the Java programming language
Explanations of specific software design patterns
How you personally use test driven development
Software projects on the Android platform

* I'm afraid I won't have enough material.

Your talk does not have to be an hour and half long. We like short talks! We accept shorter talks of multiple lengths including 45 minutes, 20 minutes, and 5 minutes.

Our June and November meetings will have six or more 20 minute talks each. We do 5 minute lightning talks at the beginning of every meeting. You can reserve one of those slots today.

* How do I reserve a slot again?

Glad you asked.

Leave a comment on this post on, talk to us on Twitter with @memphisjug, or send an email via our Google group.