Feb 18, 2012

February Status

There's plenty to love this month for a developer in Memphis. This week the Java User Group held a Coding Dojo. They explored three problems in at least five languages. Concepts from TDD and BDD were covered in a pair programming environment. Participants got to show their solutions on the big screen and deconstructed them as a group. Feedback was positive, with some participants hinting that a monthly dojo might have a place in Memphis.

This coming week, the Python, .NET, and PHP user groups all have meetings. The Python User group is holding a web scraping workshop. Make sure to bring a laptop, this sounds like a very interactive meeting. No word yet from the .NET or PHP user groups on their topic, so make sure to check their respective websites this week for updates.

We recently updated our Memphis Developer Blogs listing in the sidebar. If you have or know of a blog written by a Memphis Developer that we don't have let us know in the comments. Requirements are that the author must be a local software developer, it must be updated at least yearly, and the topic of the blog must focus on computer science, programming, or technology.