Sep 5, 2011

Labor Day Developments

1. A twitter hashtag.
2. A series of tech related events.
3. A group of developers, entrepreneurs, and technology users.
4. A way to connect with the Memphis technocrati.
At the link above you can find a listing of all tech related user groups, not just the developer-centric ones here on  You can also see details for the #memtech coffee, lunch, and cocktail events so you can knock elbows with local tech heads at any hour.

On a more code related note, #memtech has gotten a little open source appreciation in the form of two open projects.  A group of #memtech developers has a Windows Phone 7 app in the works, as well as a JSON API that pulls from the Memphis Developer Network calendar (woot! Nothing like validation that we're providing useful data.) .

I haven't contributed any code yet, but I did take the time to create an icon set.  You can check out the photo album linked below.
#memtech icon set

The "Intro to #memtech: Java" event is coming next Monday. This will be a 1 hour presentation giving developers who've never read any Java code a crash course. You can register at