Jul 28, 2011


Last week the Java user group watched the Java 7 webcasts together. One of the topics covered was Project Coin. Project Coin was Java's initiative to provide a lot of small usability and syntactic sugar changes, which have keep Java from competing effectively with more newer or more nimble languages. These changes as well as another set of similar changes in Java 8 promise to reduce the ceremony and boilerplate often associated with Java.

The Memphis Tech Corner hosted their weekly Web Development Workshop. Word on the street is that the Twilio API played a role in the meeting. We'll be adding the Web Development Workshop to our calendar feeds, so check them out soon!

This week the .NET user group is going to have a series of developer tool short talks, followed by a discussion to generate future meeting topics. If you've got a cool tool that you've been wanting to share, this might be your chance to do so.

The PHP user group is also meeting this week. They'll be having a hands-on workshop on contributing to open source. Not content to create a toy project for the workshop, they'll be contributing directly to existing open source project FRAPI, a high-level API framework that claims to put the “rest” back into RESTful.