Jun 24, 2011


This has been a good week for Memphis developers.

The #memtech developer lunch had the highest attendance to date. A lively discussion of Java vs. .NET and other topics were covered. Make sure to check out the #memtech hashtag on twitter, or just check the feeds page to see a summary of the chatter.

The .NET user group was treated to great presentation on dotNetNuke, a CMS built on the .NET framework. The main focus was future proofing your development in dotNetNuke by "leveraging the core", or good use of their API. Other benefits included better use of caching, which in turn improves scalability, and security, via input scrubbing and role management. It was great presentation given by Mitchel Sellers.

We didn't get a summary of the PHP user group meeting. If you attended that presentation,we'd love you to share a summary in our comments section.